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So today episode 4 of PROJECT: LIBRARY hit 100.000 views, meaning every single episode of PROJECT: LIBRARY has now hit that milestone.

This show has been the biggest learning experience of my life. Creating the show caused me tremendous stress and a lot of strain on my personal and professional relationships.
I got pretty down post-Library. It sparked me to eventually make ‘Creative Crisis’ and it’s safe to say I’m back in the swing of things now.

But it’s hard to put into words exactly what we as a team, and perhaps more importantly as a group of friends, went through. But I’m passionate to try… To try and share what we’ve learned from taking on a bigger project like this. So look forward to that :)

And thank you guys <3 Thank you all for watching & supporting the show. It wouldn’t have gotten made without you. And hopefully we’ll get a chance to do more things like PROJECT: LIBRARY in the future. 

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